My name is Facundo Devitto Mokotoff. I come from an international family of musicians. Being born in the 80´s, I couldn’t ignore all the sound technology that was developed while I was growing up between Argentina and Spain. I started playing guitar when I was 12, keyboards and sequencers followed not long after that, then mixing and composing during late nights and early mornings… Life is quick.


In these years, I’ve got a BA. in Audio-Visual Communication, a Post Graduate Certificate on Audio & Acoustic systems, and a Pro Tools Operator Certification. 


I’ve developed soundtracks for short films, documentaries or theatre plays; I’ve been field recordist at several shootings, and sound designer of different productions. I was part of the team distinguished with the Best Sound Award at the XXVI Spanish Cinema Goya Festival for the feature film “No rest for the wicked”. 


In the last years, I´ve started to specialise in audio restoration, teqnique restoration works also have a bit of craft soul.


I am now living in Bristol; enjoying all the vibrant sound and music atmosphere that this city has to offer.